Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Book review - Glenraven by Marion Zimmer Bradley & Holly Lisle

Baen Publishing, 1996
JayJay and Sophie think they are both getting away from their troubles on a trip to the tiny principality of Glenraven. But their guidebook and guide both behave oddly, the backward country seems far too medieval, and there is definite evil in the air. In return, the people of Glenraven think they are getting two heroes...
What did I think?
I'm a huge MZB fan, and this is a very easy read. The evil villain is truely evil, with some very nasty scenes that aren't the sort of thing I'm used to finding in MZB's work. I've not read any of Holly Lisle's work, so it would be interesting to see if hers is the stronger 'voice'.
Would I recommend?
Probably, although I wouldn't say this is the best MZB I've read.
Would I read again?
3 out of 5.

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