Monday, June 13, 2005

My stitching year so far

I was thinking about what I'd achieved so far this year and I thought I'd write it all down so I can keep an eye on my progress. I might even do a progress report every month, so watch out!

I don't seem to have accomplished much in the way of finished pieces this year, but then I am doing a couple of huge things like Alpine Seasons and Celtic Quilt. Heart of the World is a long-term project too. If I do half a page a month it'll take 3 years!

Hopefully I'll have Mystery VIII to add to the list soon. I'm waiting for some hand-dyed fabric and I hope it'll be here by the end of the month. I'll let you know....

Wedding sampler by Teresa Wentzler
Anemones by Designers Guild (a UFO I was paid to finish for someone else)
Five sample pieces for Character Creations

Continuing from last year
Petal Fairy (about 70% done)
Fruit & Floral Wreath I (about 25% done)

Celtic Quilt (parts A1, A2, and A3 finished, part A4 nearly finished)
Alpine Seasons (parts 1-3 finished, part 4 WIP)
Water Tiger II (barely started)
Heart of the World (page 1 nearly finished)
Goldenwood (started this weekend for a SAL)

A class piece (I haven't been to the class because of visitors and work)
Tapestry cushion (removed from the frame to do Anemones and never replaced)
Two patchworks

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