Thursday, July 28, 2005

Book review - Classical Music by Joy Cowley

Genre, Published:
General fiction, 2000
Delia and Bea were never close as sisters. When Delia comes home from New York for their father's funeral, there is an opportunity to spend some time with Bea. As they both recall the past, their relationship changes.
What did I think?
This is the second book I've read for my book group, and I have to say it just wasn't my cup of tea. Joy Cowley is a well known and respected NZ writer and I wanted to like it, but couldn't. It's well written, although there are places where she goes off into artistic prose and it gets a bit irritating, but it's quite slow. The glimpse into 1950s New Zealand is interesting, but not enough for me to make it worthwhile.
Would I recommend?
Well, I didn't like it, but if gentle relationship stories are your thing, you might.
Would I read again?
2 out of 5.

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