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"Most stories are about people. Some authors are better with descriptions of places or things or weaving a tale than they are with character development. Some authors make the characters really come alive, seem like flesh and blood individuals with wills of their own, not merely the creation of someone's imagination."

1. What author that you remember having read does the best character development?
Oh gosh, this is so hard to answer! Loads of characters spring to mind that seem so real. If I try to weed the authors down to ones that consistently write fantastic characters, Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels comes to mind. It's hard to pick though, and I suspect it's partly the fact that I like her characters rather than the fact that she's the best character writer ever.

2. What book/series do you think is that author's shining work with regards to character development?
I love the Amelia Peabody series.

3. What was (were) your favorite character(s) in that book or series?
Amelia herself, Emerson, and Ramses are my favourites. How can anyone not love Amelia!

4. Do you ever find yourself really liking a character in a book that you're certain you would never be friends with in real life?
No one springs to mind, but that doesn't necessarily mean 'no' - I just can't think of a character right at this moment.

5. Do you ever re-read a book to visit a character because you miss him/her?
I have been hearing Amelia calling from the bookshelf! Yes, all the time. I'm always re-reading books.


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