Good post day!

Why does stash always come in twos or more?! I had a good post day yesterday.

First the regular post bought me my first Rainbow Club fabric from Countrystitch. A piece of Rustic Glow (a lovely new colour) and a piece of Twilight. I've been thinking of joining a fabric of the month club for a while and the fact that there's a new owner at Countrystitch, plus all these exchanges I've signed up for, gave me a good excuse. These are actually July's fabrics (the new owner is catching up after the takeover), so I have another two little pieces to look forward to in a couple of week's time.

Then the courier turned up with a box from The Silver Needle. The first time I've ordered from them and it came pretty quickly and beautifully packaged. Four lovely charts, including Catherine Agnes from Indigo Rose, which I think is lovely and I've wanted for ages. I'm not telling what the other three charts are (although you can see one of them!) as I have one at least in mind for an exchange!

All in all, a good day!


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