Incredible post day!

You remember I asked the other week why stash always comes in twos or threes? Well, today it arrived by the bucketload! My other half reckons the postie can't be bothered to come round every day so saves it all up, and I'm beginning to think he's got a point! Nothing all week, then this...

And it's not as if this all came from the same country or was posted at the same time. I have:- one Sampler and Antique Needlework and one Finelines (old issues, I've only just heard of them so I got a couple to see what they were like) from Traditional Stitches, plus three Gloriana silks; a load of Sweetheart Tree charts I won off ebay; my August Rainbow Club fabrics from Countrystitch (plus a free fat-eighth, thanks Linda!); and some silks from Vicki Clayton. That's two from the US, one from Canada, and one from down the road.

Those reds are going towards my red exchange - a photo of the materials will come another day! I got the name for my autumn exchange today too. I'm going to be busy, especially as this person does such beautiful work. Mine will need to be good too!


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