Persian Iris Garden

Oh my, just look at this!

It's a new design by Chatelaine - to start next year (May) as an online class. I've fallen in love with the colours! And look at those irises - beautiful! But I have so much to do already, including a couple of big mandala gardens....


  1. Tell me about it!

    Don't need another one! Don't need another one! Don't need another one!

    Do you think that will work?

  2. Cutting up the credit card's the only solution I think!

  3. This one blew MTM out of contention for the weight loss reward thing I'm doing - apart from it's beauty there's longer time to work towards it!!!

  4. Oh, I forgot to ask you Nicki, if you do join... are you going to do it on black?

  5. IF I join (well, let's be honest, when I join LOL!), I have no idea what I'll stitch it on. I love the turquoise on the black but stitching on black could drive me round the bend (I've never tried it). I played with the Chatelaine fabric viewer and it looked good with a greyish lilac. I think maybe I'll get the chart, see what everyone else's starts look like, and then decide!


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