August stitching report

I can't believe it's September already!

First, a quick aside. I just want to say I hope anyone who reads my blog from the southern US is OK after hurricane Katrina. It's unbelievable the damage that has been caused. I'm thinking of you.

Anyway, here's August's stitching report.

Alpine Seasons - part 6 two-thirds completed
Midi I - part 3 started (I guessed the password so started early!!)

Needleroll exchange (I can show you in a couple of weeks!)
Meow spoken here freebie
July wool wimsey

Redwork exchange piece - three-quarters of the stitching completed

As for this month, I need to stitch my autumn exchange piece and I'd like to get my redwork one finished too. Then it's back to Alpine to try to catch up and Midi I (this month's part doesn't look huge so I might do that before everything else!). I also have to plan out my seasonal round robin that I've joined, but I'm waiting on fabric. Busy, busy!


  1. N: Yes, it is Sept. Excellent goals. I want to do the Meow spoken Here freebie, too -- gift for a friend. Cannot wait to see all the pics of exchange items.


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