Book review - Cooking Like Mummyji

Something different in the book line.

Genre, Published:
Cookery, 2003
The idea behind this book was originally to help young British Asian girls learn to cook the way their mothers do. With changes in culture, they no longer want to spend all their spare time in the kitchen making chapatis (have you seen Bend it Like Beckham?!), but they are expected to know how to cook. With recipes being passed from mother to daughter there were no written ones, and many 'Indian' cookbooks don't provide recipes for the sort of real food Asian families eat - they're based on restaurant food. So, here's a book that provides recipes for proper Indian cooking, just like an Asian girl's mummy (Mummyji) would make.
What did I think?
This is definitely NOT just for British Asian girls! I've just bought my second copy to give as a present and I have to say it's one of the best cookery books I've ever used. I must have cooked about half the recipes and everything has been yummy. The recipes aren't for the sort of restaurant Indian food you might be used to. These are dishes full of flavour - lightly spiced and full of fresh ingredients. No complicated grinding of spices and weird ingredients you can't find. Lip-smacking Salmon Wrapped in Foil in one of our favourites - so easy peasy - and so is the Roast Lamb Desi style - a simple paste to add flavour.
Vicky's a star in the making and a lovely person too (I had the pleasure of working with her briefly). If you're at all keen on Indian food, give this a whirl!
Would I recommend?
Would I use?
Used on an almost weekly basis
5 out of 5.


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