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This week's Image hosted by Photobucket.com was inspired by Kerry. As I've spent a fair bit of time dreaming about a library it's a good one for me!

1. What kind of room is your dream library in (one wall of your living room, dedicated room, corner of the kitchen, etc.)?
It has to be a dedicated room. A big one, sort of in the style of English stately homes with glass-fronted bookcases (to keep out the dust and damp) all round the walls. Dark wood bookcases if you can imagine it. It has french doors opening into a garden so I can sit and admire the scenery (in between chapters). It also has a window seat (I've always wanted one), so I can curl up inside on a cold day but still see out. And it has a real fire with big cosy armchairs beside it - the high-backed sort with wings that you can really curl into - and rugs. I've always imagined a mezzanine floor too for some reason, with some sort of winding staircase to it.

Having typed this, I have to admit it's a very old-fashioned English library. Not the sort I can see fitting into New Zealand - but it is a 'dream library' question after all!

2. What genre are most of your books?
Everything! I read a bit of everything, so that's what my dream library would be. All the classics, every book I've fancied reading, and all my favourites - fantasy, mystery, crime, childrens. And reference books too. Lots of history especially.

3. Are the books all hard cover, paperback, leather, or mixed medium?
I think they'd be mixed. The mezzanine could have all the grottier paperbacks, and the main floor would be the nicer covered paperbacks, hardback books and leather ones. All the classics in leather of course.


  1. Greetings Nicki it's rather cold here today, but summer is comming to our part of the world soon. I was looking for the latest most up to date information on dream interpretation and I landed on your page. Although this post is not an exact match I can see why I ended up here while looking for dream interpretation Great stuff thanks for the read.....now where did I put that surf board !

  2. Hi Nicki,
    Just found your blog and thought I'd have a read :)
    Have you ever seen Beauty and the Beast? THAT is my dream library: double story, staircases and ladders, (and a lovely prince to read all the books with...lol!)


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