Friday, September 30, 2005

September stitching report

This year is going SO fast! It's been a productive month. I snuck in some work on Winter's Eve yesterday. I was feeling so bleurgh I put Water Tiger away to work on something a bit less complicated and smaller.

Midi I - part 3 completed
Water Tiger II - about a page and a half completed
Winter's Eve - most of part 3 completed

Autumn exchange
Sampler House exchange
Redwork exchange

Birthday 1 exchange

For October: My seasonal round robin fabric should arrive today - I reordered as the first piece is stuck (hopefully not lost) in the post somewhere (maybe it's doing a detour to Canada like a card I recently sent to the UK!! LOL!). That's a priority to get done. Then there will be part 4 of Midi Mystery and finishing my first birthday exchange. And the rest of the month it's Petal Fairy - as voted for by you! Thank you!!

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