Thank you all!

...for the compliments on my Celtic Spring. Even hubby really like it!

In fact, he wanted to know if there were others and if I'd got them (only Celtic Christmas). So, maybe my next start needs to be another Celtic lady! It won't be for quite a while yet though. I want to finish a couple of WIPs before I start anything else big.

I'll be watching Becky's progress as I think the colour conversion of Celtic Autumn is my next favourite (though I wish she was holding something!)


  1. Nicki...check out this version of CA...I love the way she stitched in the falling leaves from her hand...I may contact her about doing something similar :)

  2. OOPs...would help if I gave you the URL...sorry about that :)

  3. Thanks Becky! It's lovely. When I get round to it I definitely want to do something like that. I also found this one in the stitcher's gallery.


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