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Sigh... I've been waiting for the post to deliver the two exchanges I sent last week to their recipients so I could show you pictures. The one to Karen really should have arrived by now and so should the other one. I'm sure they're not lost but it's frustrating!

So, instead, it's Image hosted by

"I'm referring to the reading type of book club, where members all read the same book, then gather to discuss it."

1. Do you, or have you, ever belonged to a book club?
I belong in one now, the first I've ever been in. It meets once a month at someone's home (with wine and nibbles!). It's done through the library, so we all pay a nominal fee and the library lends us the books.

2. Why, or why not?
I thought it would be a good way to get out and meet a few people as we didn't have any friends in NZ. I also thought it would be a good way to discover new authors and read books I would never have otherwise read.

3. If you are in a book club, or were once, what did you like about it?
The meetings are great. We're all ladies in the local area and the group gets along well, and we all have a really good talk about the book. It can get quite heated! Everyone always has a different opinion too, so I usually come away with new ideas about the book.

4. What did you dislike about the book club?
Deadlines! Having to read the book in time is sometimes a bit of a chore. Last month's book was a real effort to get through...


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