Saturday, October 01, 2005


Here's this week's Image hosted by It's been really interesting doing this so read on....

"I'm borrowing the inspiration for this from something I saw in a blog about five or six months ago. So, here goes.

Pick up the book that is closest to where you're sitting right now."

1 What are the book's title and author?
Uniforms of Waterloo by Philip Haythornthwaite, Jack Cassin-Scott and Michael Chappell

2 Turn to page 127. Locate the third paragraph, first sentence. Type that sentence here:
Each battalion had a strength of 672; according to the official casualty returns, the infantry suffered the following casulaties: 1st Line Battalion, 177; 2nd, 220; 3rd, 113; 1st Light Battalion, 71; 2nd, 203; 3rd, 270.

3 Does the sentence make sense out of context?
Sadly yes.

4 Seeing it sitting here by itself, out of the book, is it funny? Sad? Strange? Does it make you want to explore its source?
It's very sad. Look at those percentages. Waterloo was a bit of a bloodbath. And actually, yes, it does make me interested in reading more about it.

5 Are you currently reading this book? Why?
No, I'm not reading it. It's one of DH's reference books for his model painting. It just happens to be sitting on the desk right next to the mouse mat.

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