Monday, October 31, 2005

New poll

I've changed the poll in my side bar, so please go and vote!

I'm getting fed up with Webshots playing up, so I'm thinking of setting up a Picturetrail album or, even better, persuading hubby to make me a web page or two (or ten!). I'm curious as to how most of you like to look at pictures of stitching - by year, by designer, by type of stitching (cross stitch, needlepoint, etc), by type of design (samplers, fairies, etc), or by type of finish (exchanges, needlework smalls, framed pieces, etc). It would be good to set up albums for the majority vote!

In the last poll 58% voted for me to start something new when I finish a WIP. Well, I ordered The Token in the Stitching Bits and Bobs sale, so my next start will be that! Here it is. I'll be doing it for our 10th wedding anniversary next year, although I doubt I'll finish it in time! I think I'll be using Gloriana Cranberry on a pale cream linen, although I still have to make a final decision.

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