Parking and cross stitch tips!

In response to a couple of comments - thank you for visiting and commenting!

Christine asked how I keep track of my parked threads... I'm new to parking. It looked like a potential nightmare when I first saw pictures of it, but I've found it works really well for my HAEDs. I don't do it for anything else though.

I work with the first colour, then find where I'll next use it - either further along that row or the first instance I'll use it in the rows below. I then put it in the lower left hole where the stitch will be. I stitch / then \, so it's in the right place to pick up for the stitch when I get there.

I keep all the parked threads I'm not currently using to the side, clipped to the side of the fabric with a big plastic paperclip so they don't get tangled up.

Yellow Rose asked for cross stitch tips. Well, the best one I can give is don't worry about the right or wrong way to do things but just enjoy it! Everyone stitches differently and I stitch differently for different projects. I wouldn't be bothered stitching in rows or blocks on your project (which is going to be lovely by the way). I'd just pick a colour and start. But do whatever you feel comfortable with. I hope that helps!

Edited to add: I do count wrong sometimes when I park my threads, but it usually becomes obvious when I find myself trying to park a second thread in the same hole (LOL!) or I should be using a new colour and yet there's a thread waiting! I think it helps that I work in 10 x 10 blocks - not far to figure out where the thread really should be.


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