Post-weekend report!

It was a Linda Ravenscroft SAL over on the Heaven and Earth Designs BB this weekend, so here's what I did - 900 stitches on A Touch of Frost:

She's put away now until Wednesday as my first ever formal rotation seems to be working out. Here it is:

Week 1
Mon/Tue - Character Creations sample pieces
Wed - A Touch of Frost
Thu/Fri - exchanges/round robins/gifts
Sat/Sun - my choice!

Week 2
Mon/Tue - Petal Fairy
Wed - A Touch of Frost
Thu/Fri - General WIPs
Sat/Sun - my choice!

It gives me time on everything and a bit of choice at the weekends if I need to catch up on things or can't bear to put something away! So, it's on to Petal Fairy today as I'm in week 2.


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