Back to stitching!

I've got the bulk of my work done, so it's back to normal service - yippee! I'm still busy, but normally so.

I have been sticking to my stitching rotation by the way, which is here. I'm in week 2 for the third time round:

Week 1
Mon/Tue - Character Creations sample pieces
Wed - A Touch of Frost
Thu/Fri - exchanges/round robins/gifts
Sat/Sun - my choice!

Week 2
Mon/Tue - Petal Fairy
Wed - A Touch of Frost
Thu/Fri - General WIPs
Sat/Sun - my choice!

So, here's two rounds of my rotation on Petal. The picture's a bit dark - the sun's not round yet! I feel I'm almost there on her skirt and then just the flowers to do!


  1. Nicki you make me feel bad seeing your picture of Petal... every now and then i get the guilts and think i should finish her and i push it to the back of my mind, and then you post a beautiful picture and i get the guilts all over again... you are so close to a HD there....

  2. Don't feel guilty! You know you enjoy stitching the stuff you're doing at the moment and maybe you'll pick her up again one day. I must admit I went through a phase when I really didn't enjoy working on her, but I'm nearly done now and so pleased I got back to her!


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