Birthday exchange

I know Cari received her birthday exchange safely, so I can show you at last.

It's Shepherd's Bush's Folk Heart needleroll stitched on a 32ct Silkweaver Solo (Cari loves purple, so it had to be purple!). I popped in some purple stitchy stuff too as an extra birthday treat :)

Kitty asked if parking my threads on my HAED made it faster. Well, that's tricky to answer. It does make my stitches even and neater because I'm not starting and stopping threads everywhere - I'm just carrying them over the back. So it's faster than having to restart everywhere but the stitching itself is really slow because I do it a line at a time for neatness. I found stitching blocks of one colour like normal made my stitching uneven over one. That's probably me being obsessive though. Other people seem to get on well stitching blocks of colour, and then you wouldn't need to park threads. It all depends on personal choice. Not much help eh?!


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