Saturday, November 19, 2005

I'm still here!

I finished my work early today (2 pm - woohoo!), so I'm catching up on blogs and bulletin boards and then I'm going to stitch! Thank you for your comments and for visiting. I'm working hard but not TOO hard and I reckon I'll have got through all the 'must be done asap' stuff by the end of next week. I'm aiming for next weekend off - the first in 4 weeks! I am reading your blogs when I can but just haven't had time to comment.

Heather asked what I do - I'm an editor and proofreader and hubby and I run our own company. We set it up 18 months ago when we moved to NZ. Hence when work comes along I have to take it. And everything usually turns up all at once with really, really tight deadlines! I had months last year with not much to do at all and now I'm proofreading 7 days a week!

Not much else to report - fiction reading has gone out of the window, its the last thing I want to do after proofreading for hours! I have been stitching for an hour or two here and there though, and following my rotation. I've done: the stalk under Petal's feet, about 300 stitches on A Touch of Frost, a tree and some water on Alpine Seasons (that was all I got done in 4 days!); a bit more of my sample for Character Creations (it's nearly done!), and the start of the seasons round robin round 2 (I'm doing that now). I'll post pictures soon, but there's not much to show at the moment!

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