October stitching report

Last month started really badly from a stitching point of view - I frogged a whole day's worth of stitching on Midi I and a whole arch on my round robin. I even had a very mini stitching slump. I also retired two pieces for consideration/restarting - the first time I've ever done that. Then I started a rotation, and it was all sunshine and roses!

Midi I - a little bit of part 4 completed to my satisfaction, but I'm going to frog the restart of the bit I frogged before and try it for a third time. I still don't like the shading on the dress
Petal Fairy - two good day's stitching
Character Creations sample pieces - three day's progress
Mystery VIII - part 1 and centre nearly complete. I saw a lot of people had voted for this in the recent poll, so I got it out for the WIP bit of my rotation last week. I was hoping to finish part 1 and the centre, but book group, cinema, and a day with the parents took over my usual stitching! Anyway, here's how much I got done. Just some more metallic stitching and the beads to add on these parts. It's stitched on Sikweaver's Mountain Mist:

Seasonal round robin round 1
Birthday exchange part 1

Fantastical Cats
A Touch of Frost
Christmas ornie for my mum and dad

Retired for restarting
Owl and the Pussycat
Heart of the World

For November: I'm stitching to my rotation! Top priorities on days when I have an option will be Christmas ornaments for all the parents. I also need to get back to Alpine Seasons this month, and I'd like to do my Quaker exchange piece too.


  1. O! How pretty! Glad you decided to pull that one out of the UFO pile!


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