A Touch of Frost progress

Once again it was a Linda Ravenscroft SAL on the Heaven and Earth Designs BB, and I had the whole weekend off so I got 1200 stitches done! That's 4.03% finished! Click on the picture for a bigger version...


  1. Wow, Nicki - my eyes hurt already!! Nice progress!

  2. As i said on the HAED BB... i am stunned by how lovely the colours are in this chart, really the picture does not do it justice.. i am dying to see more already..
    great stitching and chart choice

  3. Wow it looks amazing. I hope I get to see it in person some time.

    So beautiful.

  4. Coo!

    I have to ask, does thread parking make it go faster for you? I have a couple of HAED's in my stash and I'm wondering whether to give it a try or not.


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