2006 stitching aims and ambitions

I've been fiddling with a 'goals' list for a while, having seen one on quite a few other blogs. I have so much stuff I want or need to stitch I really have to set goals for next year. Here goes:

Definitely doing:
Finish Alpine Seasons (Chatelaine) by May 5th done! 19 Apr
Finish a friend's UFO by March 1st

Birthday exchanges x 2 (SBEB) done! one finished 3 Jan (replacement finished 12 Mar), second finished 12 Aug
Garden exchange (SBEB) done! 4 Jan

Round robins
2 rounds of the seasonal RR (SBEB) done! one round done 11 Mar, one done 23 Apr
8 rounds of the TW RR (TWRRBB) done! rounds done 7 Feb, 29 Mar, 15 May, 13 June, 4 July, 25 Aug, 14 Dec

Carriage House Samplings alphabet started 6 May

Stitch at least one thing for my adopted stitcher done! Fifts finished 6 Feb, 19 June

Would like to do:
Finish Petal Fairy (Mirabilia) done! finished Sept 4
Start and finish The Token (Long Dog) started 11 Apr
Finish Earth QS (HAED)
Start Air (HAED) done! started June 28

Spring exchange (SBEB) done! 28 Mar
Needlework smalls exchange (SBEB) done! 8 Oct
Autumn exchange (SBEB) sadly no time to do this one
Redwork exchange (SBEB) done! 8 Aug

Bent Creek Winter Snapper series

Something for my sister's baby started 11 Oct
Two gifts for stitchy friends both done! 6 Feb

Will do if time:
Countries exchange (SBEB)
Pet exchange (SBEB) Crazy Cat Lady exchange done! 25 Sept
House exchange (SBEB) done! 29 June
August Sampler House exchange (Legacy) May Sampler Lady exchange done! 4 May

Strawberries so Faire (With my Needle)
July box (Cherished Stitches)

A gift for a quilter friend

Finish Winter's Eve (Chatelaine)
Finish Midi Mystery I (Chatelaine)
Finish at least one other WIP
Start Quaker Needlework Treasures (With my Needle)

Phew! I've tried not to be too ambitious, and to be honest this doesn't cover half of what I really want to do, but at least it might keep me under control a bit!


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