Saturday, December 17, 2005

Cat in basket...

I've had a nasty chesty cough for the last few days that a visitor we have staying from the UK kindly gave to me. It's washed me out a bit, so not much stitching has been done, although I have read a book. I'll review it later though - it's too much effort right this moment!

The same visitor's brother rang us up at 2 am last night, so not much sleep either. The best I can do for a blog entry today is a cat in a basket. Here's Polo!

Lulu is much better by the way. She has a lump on her back the size of an egg but it's going down and the vet just thinks it's bruising. She certainly seems OK and she's had so much tuna (with antibiotic tablets mixed in) she's sick of it!

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