Last exchange of the year

My Quaker exchange finally reached its destination. I was getting a bit worried. Christmas post is so bizarre. We posted all our overseas cards and parcels on the same date and some arrived nearly two weeks before others!

Anyway, here's the needlebook I made for Joanne in the US. The theme was a Quaker exchange on pumpkin coloured fabric with brown, green, or gold floss. I used a motif from The Token on 32ct Countrystitch 'Rustic Glow'. The thread was Gloriana's Apricot Grove. The picture is a little dark, but it was either that or too washed out!

I was a bit disappointed that the thread didn't show up better on the fabric. The floss toss looked fine, but as I stitched I realised it wasn't going to stand out as much as I'd thought. I also think the thread was too variegated for this sort of pattern, but I didn't have any more pumpkin fabric, so it had to do. I was pleased with the inside finish though!


  1. That's the problem with an overdyed for one complete pattern. Parts of the colour look fab and others.... don't (finding that on my own project). It is a pretty design and your finishing is fantastic! Congratulations on your HD!

  2. That is beautiful!! Congrats on the HD!!


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