One week of work...

Look how much you can accomplish when you don't have work to do, kids, or a social life!! Here's Earth - 3450 stitches done, 28050 left to do, 10.95% finished!!

It was a quieter week work-wise, especially at the end of the week, so I had 4 days pretty much just stitching apart from the usual chores. And apart from looking after Lulu, who got in a fight and had to be taken to the vet with a puncture wound on her back. She's a really gentle cat, so there must be a particularly nasty one about. She's a lot better now though and loving all the tuna she keeps getting (we hide her tablet in it!)


  1. looking great...
    the colours look beautiful, those warm hazelnutty browns, am i right? it is the brown series i like in DMC... i also love those few stray curls at the side.. don't know hy but it is the little details in an artists work that always catch my eye. You are flying.
    Give your kitty a hug from me.. i know about gentle babes getting puncture wounds

  2. So pretty, Nicki. If this is a quiet-ish week too, we'll have to have a stitching day and check out each other's progress. I also really want to see this thread parking in action.

  3. I've got five kids that you can have your pick from if you're bored! LOL (or is that, I'm seriously jealous of your stitching time LOL). Great progress - I'm starting to get HAED urges, something I swore I'd never do ...


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