Planning for the new year...

You may be wondering what I'm stitching and what's happened to my rotation! Well, I was hoping to get a week or so of nothing but stitching over Christmas, but then I got the offer of some work that was too good to turn down, so now I'm working instead and rushing to finish Leena's birthday exchange and my garden exchange! One is half done and the other is about two-thirds done. And I can't show you either!

Instead I can share my new rotation. I'm simplifying it as I really, really need to work on Alpine Seasons to get it done by May 5th (my parent's 50th wedding anniversary). So, it's going to be:

Mon-Tues: exchanges, round robins, gifts, sample pieces
Weds: Earth (HAED)
Thurs-Sun: Alpine Seasons

I'll start it next week hopefully and see how it goes. I may need to drop it every now and again to get round robins finished but I hope it'll mean I can put in a lot of work on Alpine. Watch this space!


  1. Good luck with it.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on Alpine. I need to get back to mine, but if I start thinking about what to stitch too hard, then I spend my time unable to choose instead of stitching.

  2. hmmm the ever changing rotation... i wonder if anyone ever finds one that actually fits....
    good luck with this one working..
    i doubt i will ever find one i like


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