Friday, December 09, 2005

Presenting WIP 11!

I know I've been a bit quiet this week, but I've been busy....

I was very fed up on Monday for various reasons and cheered myself up with chocolate and a new WIP. Ooops.... I really didn't mean to add another one to the list - in fact I was going to work on cutting them down, but times were desperate!

This is the start of Earth by Sara Butcher/Heaven and Earth Designs (here's the original artwork). I decided to do the elements first and I just happened to have a lovely small cut of 28ct lugana from Sugar Maple Fabrics that was just right for Earth. So, my rotation has been thrown aside for the week! I'll get back to it next week now I've cheered myself up!


  1. (((((((Nicki)))))))))!!!
    Hope things are better now :)
    You have a wonderful start on your latest WIP :)

  2. lurve that new start... it is so pretty ansd swirly and unbelievabley neat...
    and it has the seal of approval from the artist... how cool is that!
    Masses of hugs