Tuesday, December 20, 2005

There's more than one virus about...

I got a dose of a second virus today, but it's a much nicer one. I got RAKed!! There's a RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) bug that's taken over the Heaven and Earth Designs BB with people sending charts to other people right, left, and centre just because they want to and it's Christmas. It's amazing.

Here I was, working away, when all of a sudden there's a chart in my mailbox! A second ACEO chart by Sara Butcher - Air. Isn't it gorgeous! I don't know who sent it. I could guess but I'd probably be wrong (I sent one earlier this week and I'm sure the person who got it hasn't a clue it's from me - it was a really Random choice and so great to see their reaction!!), so thank you, thank you if you read this!

Now I have a dilemma... As my WIP list is completely out of control anyway, do I blow it and start this one too! LOL!

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