Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Alpine again

I didn't get round to showing you last week's Alpine progress, so here it is. I wanted to get part 7 done, so spent Monday on it too, but of course it was too much stitching to get it done! I am getting there relatively quickly though.

The in-laws arrive from the UK tomorrow for 7 weeks (help!), so I'm not sure whether I'll be able to stitch as much. I hope so - I need to get it done and I'm really enjoying it again.

Kathy - thank you for visiting and commenting :) The chart is by Chatelaine Designs. It's an online class that's run for a year and the chart will be available until the end of February. Then it'll be a year or more until it's available again through stores. If you're interested, go to the Bulletin Board (it's Online class V), but BE WARNED! Martina of Chatelaine designs has some gorgeous charts and you might find yourself falling for them! :)


  1. Alpine is looking very lovely, Nicki!
    Yikes! In-laws for 7 weeks!! Will they be staying with you the entire time? I do hope you all get on well :)

  2. Hope you survive the 7 week with the in-laws LOL. From experience having Mum here, it does impact a bit on daily life and stitching, but you can still get some progress done :) I'm personally talking Mum into staying longer while my overseas rellies come too for a few days (from Canada).

  3. looks wonderful Nicki...
    goodness 7 weeks worth of visiting will definately slow you down!
    some of us mere mortals might catch up with you...

    spose it might help you ignore those SB charts when they are released!!!!


  4. That's great progress, Nicki... That piece is sooo gorgeous.

    Good luck with the in-laws! 7 weeks?! Will they be staying at you home all that time? :o