Quick Stitch Wednesday?

It was QS Wednesday yesterday on the HAED BB and I should have been stitching on Earth. But.... I just couldn't resist doing a tiny bit of Pisces to see what it looked like! In fact, QS Wednesday was QS Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for me!

It was too humid on Sunday to stitch on a big Chatelaine and I was getting HAED withdrawal symptoms because of all the new charts. So I did a day on Earth and got a little further (1 over 1, 28ct Snapdragon from SMF):

Then Fudgey bought me Pisces and I just carried on with the HAEDs! I just love the shading so far (1 over 1, 28ct Silkweaver solo I just happened to have - how perfect!):

I'm back to Alpine today though, and I think I'll try to stitch to Earth for the next few Wednesdays at least. I do want to get down to her face - that tiny bit of skin at the bottom is crying out for more!


  1. How they get away with calling them 'quick stitches' is beyond me ;P Your HAEDs are just divine - I love seeing your progress on them :)


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