Reading report

Here's this week's Image hosted by, although my answer is going to be short and sweet!

1. Have you finished any books yet?
Um, no!

2. If you have, how many, what were they, how did you like them?
See above!

3. If not, why not? Are you currently reading anything that you just haven't finished yet?
I'm in a real reading slump right now and I have been for a month or two. I still have a book on my bedside table that I've been reading for ages, and it's really good, but I'm too tired to pick it up when I go to bed. I think it's partly that I'm doing a lot of proofreading and don't feel like reading for leisure too, partly that we've had visitors for the last 2 months and reading is a bit antisocial, and partly that I'm so determined to get Alpine finished that every spare minute is spent stitching. I can't remember the last time I read so little!

By the way, the in-laws arrived and yes, they will stay with us for 7 weeks. They're really good though, and it was 9 weeks last year, so it's not so bad. They'll potter off on day trips and stuff, and compared with our recent visitor from hell (who I didn't tell you about!), they'll be easy.


  1. I'm glad the in-laws are pretty easy guests and they'll be out and about at times too! Do hope you all enjoy a great visit!!


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