Thank you for your comments!

Thank you for your comments on my resolution. I am going to need encouragement - I have the will power of a flea at times!

If it was purely a financial issue I think I'd find it really hard, but part of the reason for stopping buying is because I love the charts I already have and really want to be able to stitch them (finance also contributes of course). I'm hoping if I feel weak I can go and browse my stash to strengthen my resolve!

Fudgey - if that norty fairy and her equally norty helper (who is not evil at all!) want to send a gift, who am I to reject it?! I've been gifted already though, so someone else deserves it really :)

Dani - part of the reason for listing my stash was to shame myself into stopping buying! I know some people have a lot more than me but I do feel embarrassed at all those charts!

I do expect my wish list to grow a lot, and I'm not normally anti new charts at all, I'm just trying to control myself for a bit. This is the best way I can think of to do it! I seem incapable of just buying one chart - it's definitely an addiction...


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