You have my permission....

I don't usually make New Year resolutions, but it came to me yesterday that I've spent far too much money on charts this year and I have enough stash to keep me busy for 10 years or more (definitely more I suspect!). So.... I'm going to only stitch from charts that are in my stash this year! I'm not allowed to buy any more charts this year. You have my permission to tell me off if I so much as hint at a new chart!

I do have a couple of exceptions:

1. The Collaboration Sampler (it's a limited edition!)
2. The last two charts in the Winter Snapperland series (but only if I've stitched the other two and need them to finish it!)
3. Gifts for my adopted stitcher!
4. JCS Christmas Ornament issue

I ordered the last of the Carriage House Samplings alphabet I need yesterday, so I shouldn't need to buy any more charts this year.

I will still be buying fabric and thread, and I'm keeping my two FOTM options going and my Monthly Bits thread wishlist. All three are set up so they send me stuff I will need to complete one chart or another, so it's not a waste.

And just to prove I don't need anything new, here's my stash list. I aim to try to reduce it! I really do want to stitch all these things, so I really need to cut down on my chart collecting!!

A Touch of Frost (HAED)
Alpine Seasons (Chatelaine) finished 19 Apr
Celtic Quilt (Chatelaine)
Earth (HAED)
Fantastical Cats (Character Creations)
Fruit & Floral Wreath I (TW)
Midi 1 (Chatelaine)
Mystery VIII (Chatelaine)
Petal Fairy (Mirabilia) finished 4 Sept
Water Tiger II (Kustom Krafts)
Winter's Eve (Chatelaine)

A Cherished Box (Cherished Stitches)
Acorn Sampler Sewing Case (With My Needle)
Air (HAED) moved to WIP 28 June
Animal Garden Box (Beardie Designs)
Autumn Queen (Mirabilia)
Catherine Agnes (Indigo Rose)
Celtic Christmas (L&L)
Carriage House Samplings alphabet
Cinderella (Mirabilia)
Country Living (Elizabeth Bradley)
Country Seasons (Prairie Schooler)
Egyptian Garden (Chatelaine)
English Garden (Liz Turner Diehl)
English Garden Sampler (TW)
Fruit & Floral Wreath II (TW)
Heart in Hand 2005 Wool Wimseys
Heart of the World (HAED)
Hope (HAED)
Italian Renaissance Sewing Box (GPA)
July Box (Cherished Stitches)
Mini I (Chatelaine)
Noah's Ark (TW)
Owl and the Pussycat (HAED)
Peacock Tapestry (TW)
Purple Passion in a Bag (Cherished Stitches)
Quaker Needlework Treasures (With my Needle)
Quaker Stocking (Carriage House Samplings)
Queen of Peace (Mirabilia)
Rose Garden Sewing Case (With my Needle)
Rose Tree in Bloom (TW)
Royal Holiday (Mirabilia)
Sampler Game Board (Drawn Thread)
Snow Princess and the Polar Bear (HAED)
Spring Queen (Mirabilia)
Strawberries so Faire (With my Needle)
Summer Queen (Mirabilia)
Taj Mahal Mandala (Chatelaine)
The Token (Long Dog) moved to WIP 11 Apr
Tradewinds (TW)
Tulip Bookmark (Sue Hawkins)
Winghaven (Sheepish Designs)
Winter Queen (Mirabilia)
Winter Snapperland (Bent Creek)
And various freebies and tiny miscellaneous charts!

I've probably missed at least one thing off too.... Let's see how well I've done at the end of the year!

(Edited three times to add the five charts/kits I'd forgotten I had already!
Edited again to add the JCS Christmas Ornament issue as an exception... I'm not doing very well am I?!)

NEW IN 2006
A Most Noble Pursuit bought
A Very Fine Sampler (Birds of a Feather) gift
Capricorn (HAED) gift
Coffee Menu (Little House Needleworks) trade
Diamonds in Squares (Teresa Wentzler) gift
Flax Fields (CHS) gift
Garden of Life (Blackbird Designs) bought
Ladybug Kitty Fae (HAED) gift/prize!
Petit Marquoir de Printemps gift
Pisces (HAED) gift
Puppy Love Fae (HAED) gift
Quaker Garden (Blackbird Designs) bought, finished 26 July
Scarlet Berries (CHS) birthday money
Secret Garden (Blackbird Designs) bought
Snapperville (Bent Creek) gift
Strawberry Garden (Blackbird Designs) bought
Toccata II (Drawn Thread) trade
Tomboy (HAED) gift, moved to WIP
Water (HAED) gift
Winter (HAED) gift
Winter Snapperland charts x 2 (Bent Creek) gifts


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