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A more visual Image hosted by for you this week. (And I know it's not Thursday - I'm very late!)

"This week's question, suggested by Jeanne, is here by popular demand. Thank you, ladies!"

1. What is the most beautiful book you own?
I'm lucky - I own quite a few beautiful books. I was a member of the Folio Society for a while when we were in the UK and I have some lovely books from them.

And then I worked in Cambridge for a while and there was a fantastic children's bookshop there that I used to spend too much money in. So I have some beautiful old children's books. This is one of my favourites:

2. In what way is it beautiful? Is it the illustrations, the binding, a combination of these, or something else?
My Folio books are beautiful because of the bindings. Some are embossed leather, some have handmade paper for part of the jacket. Many also have beautiful illustrations.
My children's books are beautiful because of their age and the illustrations, and because the stories were written in a different era and have that olde-worlde charm. In particular I love my copy of The Head Girl of the Chalet School, which has all four original illustrations by Nina K Brisley in it. Here's one and you can see the rest here. I love Nina K Brisley illustrations - she has a wonderful style.

My favourite book probably has to be the annual though. It's in wonderful condition, has fantastic illustrations, and is full of amazingly old-fashioned schoolgirl stories and articles like 'What to do with sealing wax'!

3. How often do you look at it, browse through it, read it?
I usually have one of the beautiful books out of the shelves and on my bedside table!


  1. Love the visuals with your entry today, Nicki!! What DO you do with sealing wax? Lol!


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