Wednesday, February 22, 2006

An early start... my birthday! (It's 10 days away) I got a lovely surprise in the post yesterday - this chart (which was high on my wishlist!) and a cute card from Karen. Thank you so much! I really love Au Fil des Reves stuff and I think this will be very pretty stitched up with maybe an overdyed blue thread.

I'll be getting onto that when I can, which is when I get Alpine finished! My stitching time has been quite limited the last few days. All my deadlines suddenly caught up with me and I'm really busy with work again (which is good money-wise as Martin hasn't had any work for ages). I have made some progress though, so here it is. I've been fiddling round with different lighting to try to get the colour of the fabric right in the picture, and this is better than the last couple of photos. It's more blue and a bit paler though in reality. I hope to get part 8 finished by the end of the Olympics, and at least make a start on part 9...


  1. What a cute kitty card and a lovely chart. I love this one too!

    It's always a pleasure to see your progress on Alpine ;o)

    Nicki, I need to email you about your Bday parcel...


  2. What a nice early birthday gift!!
    You're making great progress on Alpine. :D