February stitching report

Well, it's been a really good month stitching wise:

Alpine Seasons - finished part 8, started part 9
Earth - a couple more days' work
TWRR round 1 - finished
Karen's birthday gift - finished
Becky's birthday gift - finished
Sylvie's exchange gift - finished
Dawn's RR - started
Leena's birthday exchange replacement - nearly done
Quaker a 6 mains - started (I'm still doing one length of thread a day, although I actually got so carried away with Leena's exchange yesterday that I forgot my Quaker! - here's a progress pic)

Also on the good side, my Silkweaver FOTM finally arrived (with an extra 'happy' mini as it was posted late) and I got my copy of 'A Most Noble Pursuit'. There are a couple of sections I won't stitch (the two middle ones), but on the whole I think it's lovely and I'll definitely stitch some of them.

Next month I'm going to set goals as I have quite a few things that have to be done (maybe I've been a bit ambitious in signing up for things but oh well!). So, in order:
1. Send off my TWRR done!
2. Finish and send off Leena's birthday exchange replacement (and if this one goes missing I don't know what I'll do!) done!
3. Finish and send off Dawn's RR done!
4. Stitch and send off my Spring exchange done!
5. Finish part 9 of Alpine Seasons done!
6. Start part 10 of Alpine Seasons (I'm aiming for half of it done) half of the frame done
7. Start the TWRR round 2 finished!

Hmmm.... that seems quite a lot, but at least I've started on some of it!


  1. You've had a great stitching February. I hope March is just as productive.


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