First gift received!

Remember those gifts I was stitching when it was SO humid a couple of weeks ago? Well, the first one made it to the UK for Karen's birthday!

It's the heart from one of A Mon Ami Pierre's alphabets (AMAP 8), stitched over one on natural linen using DMC 814. I love Jackye's stuff and she's lovely to order from. I've only placed one order (last year), but she sent me a free chart as a thank you - a proper chart, not just a freebie!

I made a bit of a mess of finishing the heart - I was too impatient and used the sewing machine when I think it would have been a better shape if I'd done it by hand. I'll just have to make more hearts some time to practice!


  1. Such a pretty little heart Nicki!! I know Karen will love it :D

  2. What a lovely gift. I'm sure Karen will treasure it. Congratulations!

  3. The heart you stitched for Karen is beautiful, as is the pillow for Becky - you do awesome work, and the finishing is exquisite! Great job on both fronts :))


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