I get a gold medal!

I did it! I met three of my Olympic Stitching goals! It started to become obvious I'd meet the third one yesterday afternoon, and I was so excited it was ridiculous! So here's the inside border of part 9 all finished (except for beads), and even a little bit of the mountains of part 9 done too (the water on the left of the picture).

Many thanks to Martin for putting on a boring war film on Saturday night that I had no interest in - I didn't need to look up at the telly at all!

Just to show you, here's a close up of the borders and a bit of parts 2 and 3. See all the eyelets and rhodes stitches? It really is so beautiful in real life!


  1. Welldone...
    i know a gold medallist for the winterolympics now!!!!
    It looks awesome, i loved the close up your stitching is exquisite....

  2. Ooooo, thanks for the close-up that I could click on to really see it!! Just gorgeous, Nicki!

  3. Congratulations!!! Oh my, one of my friends has a gold medal!!! ;o)
    Alpine is awesome, Nicki!

  4. Oh wow, seeing the close-up of Alpine is stunning! All I can keep saying is ... "wow" :D


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