January stitching report

Gosh, it was only when I saw Karen's end of month report that I realised it was February already!

So, how did the stitching go?

Well, I finished my garden exchange for Renée and my birthday exchange for Leena. Leena still has to pick up her exchange - I'm hoping it's sitting safely at her mother-in-laws - so I still can't share it with you!

I finished part 7 of Alpine Seasons and started part 8. And I did a few hundred more stitches on Earth and a few hundred on Pisces!

And I stitched three gifts - all are done now and just need finishing. Pics to come when they are received!

And last, but not least, yesterday I started my Teresa Wentzler RR. Not much to show you yet though.

In lieu of any stitching pictures, here's one of poor Polo. Both the cats have been suffering in the heat. Lulu hides in the ferns in the garden, but Polo just crashes on the bed. She's hardly moved for three days!


  1. I love your picture of Polo. She's so cute!

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