The postie still hasn't delivered my order from Stitching Bits and Bobs, but she brought me something far, far better!

I got an envelope in the post from Australia, from Cathy, my partner in the 'Adopt a Stitcher' exchange. And inside was this gorgeous tin pin and some lovely goodies! The pin is so cute and beautifully stitched - I love it Cathy! I'd seen it on your blog and really do think it's one of the nicest Esmeralda's Friends so far :)

And I got some yummy Dinky Dyes silks in my favourite colours, some really cute charms, the perfect size needles (I don't know what I do with needles, but I always seem to need more!), and a lovely card. Thank you SO much Cathy!

That's all made my day! :)


  1. Lovely gifts! You are going to be spoiled by Cathy, my friend.


  2. What a day brightener! In fact, I think that glow will last much, much longer :))


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