Thursday, February 16, 2006

Progress pictures....

First, here's Alpine. I'm really pleased with how much I'm getting done - those Olympic Stitching goals are really working. I nearly gave up the other day, but I knew I should be concentrating on it and those goals gave me the push I needed. I want a stitching medal! Once I get part 8 done I'll really feel like I'm over the hurdle of this huge block of mountains!

And here's my Quaker. I discovered that I had two skeins of Wintered Grass (Silk n Colors). One is quite green and I'm using it in Alpine. The other is a dry grass colour that was just right for this. I'm still on the one length of thread a day and it's working out nicely :) (The free chart can be found here on the A Mon Ami Pierre site by the way)

Sorry about all the crumpled fabric. You can tell I stitch in hand!


  1. Wow, Nicki, you're almost done with Alpine! How appropriate to be stitching it during the Torino Olympics! :D
    Thanks for the link for the Quaker piece! I'm saving it on my hard drive for later.

  2. Wow, Nicki, they are both lovely and you're almost done with Alpine!!!