Round robin progress

I've been stitching away on my start for the upcoming Teresa Wentzler round robin and I think I must be about halfway there.

I've done the gate and posts (adapted slightly) from the English Garden Sampler at the top and now I'm putting the heading into a box using letters from Father Winter but in greens to match the flowers on the posts.

I'm going to do a border sampler, so I still have my band and the rest of the 'TWRR' to stitch. It's a lot of stitching but I'm enjoying it! I think I'm going to use the border from Peacock Tapestry, but I have to pull out the colours first to check. Hopefully I can get it mostly done today and tomorrow (it's a public holiday tomorrow).

It's done on 28ct 'Haystack' lugana from Countrystitch by the way. I would have got 32ct, but as it's a long skinny piece I wanted a good use for the leftover fabric, and 28 ct will be perfect for HAEDs! LOL!


  1. Wow Nicki! It's stunning!

  2. I love those garden gates, the scrolls look wonderful...
    can't wait to see pics of the RR as it progresses either

  3. It's lovely, can't wait too see it finished!


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