Third gift received!

The third little gift I stitched this month has been received by Sylvie as part of the 'Adopt a Stitcher' exchange! I'm really relieved - since my parcel to Leena went missing I've been a bit paranoid about the post. I discovered it was going to be over $50 to insure Sylvie's parcel, so it had to go regular airmail and I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best!

You can see all the gifts I sent on Sylvie's blog (I didn't think to take a photo), but here's a picture of the wee cushion I made. It's Two Sheep - another Little House Needleworks freebie - stitched on 32ct Shortbread linen from Countrystitch. Such a cute design! I stitched our names on the back.

I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who's leaving comments. I seem to have a lot of new visitors and I really appreciate your comments. Thank you all :) I have so many lovely new blogs to check out myself now (although Bloglines seems to have trouble keeping up with some of them I've noticed).

Lastly, for Von, here's a close-up of what you do do with sealing wax! (click for a just-about-readable picture)


  1. Thanks for the info, Nicki! :D Wow! Making beads with wax, that was unexpected, lol!

  2. In case I don't get back to visit your blog in time - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  3. Great gift for Sylvie - the little pillow is lovely. You do such great stitching and finishing - just gorgeous :D


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