Beautiful thread keepers

Look what came today - some beautiful thread keepers! I saw these a little while ago on Romy's blog and fell in love with them. She kindly gave me the email address of her friend Jodi, whose dad makes them, and I ordered these two and another one that I won't show you (it's a gift!) They are so well made. One of those things you just want to keep touching!

The square has an insert, and I want to do a tiny bit of redwork to fit it. No idea what yet though!

Speaking of redwork - I'll scan the Four Little Hearts freebie in tomorrow and email it to the people who've asked about it. Anyone else who wants it, email me at

Thanks for your comments on Alpine. Isabelle - yes it's going to be a gift for my mum and dad. It's their 50th wedding anniversary in early May, which is why I'm trying so hard to get it finished! Neither of them are crafty at all but they love my sewing and are so proud of it. My mum loves showing it off to her friends who stitch!! They love mountains too - so I know they'll like this. It'll be a big surprise if only I can get it finished! Leslie - it's funny about the pine trees. I love the way they look but they're my least favourite bit to stitch! And Christine - the Adopt a Stitcher exchange is part of the Stitching Bloggers Exchange Board. It runs for a year, so I don't know if it will run again next year, but I signed up straight away this year and it's great fun. I got Sylvie as my adoptee and I got adopted by Cathy!


  1. Beautiful thread keepers !

  2. Ooh, I adore the square thread keeper - I love the fact you could put a little piece of stitching in the centre.


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