Thursday, March 30, 2006

Birthday exchange!

I'm going for the longest ever birthday celebration here! I got the first of my birthday exchanges today - a gorgeous little picture frame from Cari.

Thank you so much Cari - your stitching is beautiful and I love the colours in this. I've put a photo of Martin's Gran in it already. It's the only photo he has of his grandparents and it needed a special frame. And thank you so much for the birthday goodies too - a lovely chart and the fabric and threads to stitch it with! I really appreciate that - I never seem to have the right threads or fabric in spite of a reasonable collection! Thanks again!


  1. What an awesome birthday gift!! The frame is so beautiful and I love the colors for Flax Fields. :D

  2. What a delicious birthday gift,
    i love the colours... means you could put almost any pic in, the one you are using sounds like a wonderful choice...

  3. That's so pretty! And I love the idea to put a special photo in it :)


  4. What a gorgeous exchange!!! It is really beautiful