A birthday pressie!

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Thank you, thank you to Fudgey for a belated birthday pressie! I knew something was on the way, but had NO idea what it was and I'm so happy with what she sent me! It's TW's Diamonds in Squares, which is probably one of the oldest things on my wishlist. I love it! And she sent a lovely card too - the picture is by Selina Fenech, who does some beautiful artwork.

Thank you Fudgey!!

And before I go - please all go and vote in the new poll (see my sidebar). I'm thinking of stitching The Token (which is next on the start list when I finish Alpine) over one. Any thoughts?


  1. Nicki, that TW design is gorgeous! Hope to see you stitching it soon. :D

  2. Gorgeous gift from Fudgey - love TW designs ... can't wait to see you stitch it, even if I have to wait a long time, if your stitching list is as long as mine LOL.


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