It's my birthday! (updated)

8:20 am: Just a quick post to say hello and thank you to Anne, Karen, Cathy and Sylvie for the birthday wishes waiting for me when I woke up! So lovely - especially as Martin is still asleep and I'll have to wait quite a while to get any sense from him!

We're off to the Museum of Transport and Technology today. Yes, I know. A rather weird birthday treat, but hopefully it'll be good and it's something my father-in-law wanted to do (although I suspect my mother-in-law will get bored!)

I'll be back later having hopefully had a good, if rather wild and windy (it's not the best of weather today), time!

7pm: Well, MOTAT was OK. Not as interesting as I hoped but not as dull as I feared! Probably really good for kids (Kerry - Marcus will love it, they have LOADS of fire engines!) or for car and plane enthusiasts. I enjoyed some of it but mostly the Victorian village, which is nothing whatsoever to do with transport or technology! LOL! I did get to ride on a tram though and my father-in-law had a great time - especially in the aviation bits.

I then spent an hour playing with my birthday pressie from Martin - a new computer game that's really good so far.

And I ordered a load of floss and (confession time) a new chart using birthday money from the in-laws and my gift voucher from Becky! (I'm thinking that as this is paid for with birthday money it doesn't count as breaking my resolution!!) I've ordered Scarlet Berries, which has been yelling at me since it got released!

I also got a couple of phone calls, some lovely emails, and two rather lurid pink tops from my mum and dad in the UK (!). And I had a wonderful webcam conversation with UK friends (a family of four), one of whom has a birthday on the 2nd. So because of the time difference we could sing happy birthday to each other! Now we're going out for dinner, which is the best bit of the day!

Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes :)


  1. Happy Birthday Nicki!!! Hope it's a good one!

  2. Happy Birthday Nicki!!! Hope it's a good one!

  3. Yep, I'd say MOTAT is definitely a 'different' choice for a birthday treat LOL. Hope you have a wonderful day - I figure any day out with family on your special day is a "good day" :D Have a great one!!

  4. Joyeux Anniversaire Nicki! Your package will be on its way to NZ next Monday, so you Bday will last longer than usual ;o)
    Have a great Bday!


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