Lulu and Polo take over....

Merci Plume for tagging us! Here are 6 things each that we like to do...

Lulu says: as I am the eldest I'm going first!

1. I like to bring the humans a present or two every now and again. Usually a nice live mouse or a frog. For some reason it gets them jumping round the house trying to catch it and then they take it outside. Sometimes I catch it again and we play a game where they hide it and I find it for them.

2. If I can't bring them a live present I bring them my yellow toy. I like to wail outside their bedroom at night to let them know it's there.

3. Sometimes the humans don't wake up early enough and I have to sit on them and purr loudly to get them up. If that doesn't work I usually tap their faces gently with a paw.

4. I always make sure I'm near the shower when the humans wash. Then they can rub me with their towels when they're drying themselves.

5. I like the towels so much I sometimes go out in the rain to get wet. Then the humans chase me round the house with a towel to dry me. We can play that game all day sometimes.

6. I like to keep an eye on things from the top of the hall cupboard. I find it's nice and convenient for jumping out and trilling at visitors who don't realise I'm in there.

Polo says: my turn!

1. I find it's very important to get close to your humans. I usually try and take up as much space as I can wherever they are.

2. I like playing with Lulu. As soon as she runs as me I squeal and run round the house as fast as I can. It's great fun at night when I run along the decking. The noise I make is really loud!

3. If Lulu won't play with me I have to chase myself. Sometimes I run in the front door, out the patio door, round the house, and back in the front. Sometimes I just chase my tail - it works best if I do this in the bath.

4. I like to drink out of a glass like my humans. If they forget to put a glass of water out for me at night I drink out of their glasses on the bedside tables instead of out of my water bowl.

5. I really like paper. I always try to sit on whatever paper my humans have in front of them. Sometimes they're not happy with this and give me a special bit of paper just to sit on so they can stare at their own bit of paper (it usually seems to have printed stuff all over it).

6. You can't beat a box for sitting in. Although a washing basket is pretty good too. Or a fruit bowl.

We'd like to say thank you to the Plush cats for reading, and we'd like to see what the following have to say about themselves:

Nicky (the owner of KiwiJo)
Tess (one of the owners of RosieKiwi)
Felix (the owner of Cathy)
Cooper and Zoe (the owners of Leslie)
Maisie (one of the owners of Karen)


  1. Thank you, Lulu and Polo, for answering ;o)
    And thanks for the effort to read my post in french (I wanted Sylvie to use our meow language, so I would have been sure all the cats would understand, but she said humans would like to understand too, so she said, french would be better...).

    Plume =^..^=

  2. Thank you for the tag Lulu and Polo. I will answer it in my own time (I'm a very stubborn cat) Meow, meow Nicky


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