Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More progress and a thank you!

I thought I'd share my Alpine Seasons progress with you - slow but sure. I'm getting there!

I had a lovely couple of hours stitching with Kerry this morning (thanks Kerry!) and saw her Alpine too. It looks great. Completely different on the different fabric - it stands out a lot more and looks more effective really - but I know my mum and dad will love the fabric I chose.

The thank you is to Cathy, who sent me the HAED chart 'Tomboy' as part of the Adopt a Stitcher exchange. Thank you Cathy! I love it. When I get the above monster finished I may treat myself to a start!!


  1. The picture looks great and it was even more gorgeous in real life. I had a lovely time today.

  2. Not much further to go on Alpine, by the looks of it - it's looking absolutely stunning, and I'm sure the photo isn't doing it justice at all ... I can only imagine what a stunner it is in real life! :D